Retrofitting is a Viable Option to Improve Energy Efficiency

It is commonly accepted that many older buildings were not necessarily constructed with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Construction costs and overall functionality were most likely the primary concerns and, based on the types of structures, their location and perhaps their aesthetic appeal may also have played influential roles.

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Well, in a nutshell, times change; this includes the rise in energy costs for operating and/or maintaining an older home/facility as well as the escalating costs of relocating or building an entirely new structure. This can create a dilemma for many property owners who might be finding it more difficult to stay in their current homes/locations but perhaps cannot or would not be able to afford a physical move. In these types of situations, property owners could find a solution through the concept known as retrofitting.

By definition, retrofitting is the act of adding, or fitting, a component/element to a structure at any point in time after the original construction was completed. In the case of existing buildings, retrofitting with stucco, and in particular an EIFS application, can be a very cost-effective alternative in relation to reducing energy consumption and/or averting the need to sell-and-repurchase or build anew.

Retrofit Your Home or Building with an EIFS Stucco Application

As a certified EIFS installer, Canadian Stucco has the capability to assist property owners in retrofitting their buildings through the design and construction of stucco walls.

This offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Improving energy efficiency/energy consumption
  • Protection from water and/or moisture penetration
  • Enhancing curb appeal and overall property values
  • Retaining the character of the original home/building
  • Increasing allure to potential buyers/tenants/customers

Existing structures may have many types of exterior materials that are not necessarily conducive to energy efficiency. A retrofit performed by a Canadian Stucco crew can transform homes and buildings with the following exteriors, and others, into cost-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing structures:

  • Aluminum siding
  • Asphalt shingling
  • Masonry/brickwork
  • Wood or cedar board
  • Weatherboard/clapboard

At Canadian Stucco, we have been delivering high-quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners across Ontario for over 15 years. To assess whether your existing home or structure is a viable candidate for retrofitting with an EIFS stucco application, call the professionals at Canadian Stucco today at 416-5-STUCCO or 416-578-8226 to arrange for a free consultation.

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