Stucco Homes Combine Aesthetic Appeal with Cost Effectiveness

stucco-cost-effectiveHome ownership should be a source of pride and accomplishment, whether it is the newly-constructed home of your dreams, a quaint starter home, a suburban family bungalow, or any other type and style of private residence.  And, at some point in time as a homeowner, you may be searching for a way or ways to upgrade the look and value of your home or improve upkeep efficiencies, depending perhaps on your family situation, your health, real estate values, or personal preferences/tastes.

There are assuredly many avenues that you can pursue to achieve one or the other of these objectives, that is, to increase the value of your property or reduce maintenance time/costs.  One option that may afford the luxury of accomplishing both goals simultaneously would be to incorporate stucco work by our experts at Canadian Stucco.

Stucco work/applications by Canadian Stucco can be added to the exterior and/or interior of your home, and offer a unique combination of aesthetically-appealing accents/features with short-term and long-term cost savings in relation to energy efficiency, performance, and overall maintenance.

A Distinctive Ambience with Functional and Economic Benefits

Modifying or upgrading your home with stucco will create a distinctive ambience/character that can be truly appealing and yet quite individual to your neighbourhood or community.

A stucco application by one of our Canadian Stucco crews presents several aesthetic benefits including:

  • A variety of textures and finishes
  • An almost infinite selection of colours
  • Ability to conform to any design specification
  • Continuity of accents from exterior to interior

Furthermore, you will realize the following functional and economic benefits for your home from our stucco applications:

  • Improved insulating properties – against both the weather and external noise
  • Better energy efficiency – lower usage and lower costs in winter and summer
  • Structural integrity – prevention of penetration by water/moisture and insects
  • Durability – highly resilient; has the capacity to last the entire life of your home
  • Low maintenance costs – painting is not needed; can be cleaned just with water
  • Safety and security – stucco has been rated to resist fire for a period of one hour

Whether you are planning to build a new home, moving into an established home, or are in the market to upgrade your current residence, our stucco applications can increase the curb appeal of your property and simultaneously reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.  For a no-obligation consultation and estimate, call the experts at Canadian Stucco at 416-5-STUCCO or 416-578-8226 today!

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