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Engineers and architects are well aware that the design and construction of any multi-unit residence or commercial property is a highly intricate and sophisticated process.

Successful completion of these types of projects is dependent, or perhaps interdependent, on a number of critical elements/factors that include but are not limited to:

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Energy efficiency
  • Structural integrity
  • Safety and security

To many outsiders, the contributions of engineers and architects to the construction process may be less-than-apparent.  While onsite construction crews and their progress are usually quite visible, the significant influence on the infrastructure of the building by these design professionals is often unheralded – perhaps with the notable exceptions of the lobby/atrium and the external appearance/façade.

Fortunately, Canadian Stucco fully understands the roles and responsibilities of engineers and architects in the design, construction, and renovation processes for multiple-occupancy facilities.  As a result, we can skilfully support these professionals in fulfilling/accomplishing their desired outcomes for such projects through our EIFS stucco applications.

There is Much More to Exterior Walls than Meets the Eye

For passersby, the exterior walls of a multi-unit dwelling or commercial facility are often the primary factors that influence their first and lasting impressions of that complex or property.  But, as building design professionals know all too well, there is much more to exterior walls than meets the eye, particularly in relation to their overall functionality and to the structural integrity of the building. 

So how, exactly, can our Canadian Stucco crews support all of these critically-important aspects in building construction or renovations?  For engineers and architects, there are in fact several benefits afforded by EIFS stucco applications that are properly installed by our experts at Canadian Stucco.

Such assets/benefits include the following:

  • Energy Efficiency – providing thermal insulation around the building perimeter
  • Waterproofing and envelope tightness – inhibits water/moisture/air penetration
  • Flexible construction – more accommodating should building move, shift, settle
  • Lightweight – reduced ‘load’ on the building exterior (ideal for high-rise retrofits)
  • Durability – resistant to cracking, weather-related damage (especially hailstones)
  • Versatility – shaped into many designs without added weight of materials/framing
  • Safety – stucco has the ability to resist fire for a period of approximately one hour
  • Curb appeal – finish coats are available in unlimited colours and several textures

No new construction or retrofitting jobs are too large for Canadian Stucco, as projects of 50,000+ square feet are well within our capabilities.  For expert insight on the benefits of EIFS stucco applications for such ventures as construction of new multi-unit complexes and the retrofitting of existing high-rise dwellings, call Canadian Stucco at 416-5-STUCCO or 416-578-8226 to book your consultation session today.

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